Trotter & Morton Lacey

A Linc Service Contractor Since: 1983


Lacey, WA
Eugene, OR
Portland, OR
Salem, OR
Seattle, WA
Longview, WA

About Us:

Trotter & Morton Lacey specializes in maintenance and repair of heating and air conditioning systems, building and system analysis, design/installation/upgrade, control systems, indoor air quality, energy benchmarking and assessments, and all other elements of commercial and industrial environmental systems. Trotter & Morton Lacey is committed to working in partnership with building owners and managers to provide comprehensive environmental system solutions that reduce operating costs, extend equipment life, and optimize facility comfort conditions. Our integrity and commitment to the highest standards of quality and service are the trademarks of Trotter & Morton Lacey's success in this mission.

Trotter & Morton Lacey is a part of the Trotter & Morton Group of Companies. The company was selected as a Linc Service contractor because of its broad capabilities in every facet of mechanical construction and long standing reputation in the industry and community. By adopting the Linc Service program, Trotter & Morton Lacey gains exclusive state-of-the-art technical and management training, computerized operating system maintenance planning, scheduling and tracking, sophisticated technical programs for system analysis, energy management and the like. Technicians and staff are thoroughly trained in design, repair and upgrade of commercial heating and cooling systems and components as well as application of the proper preventive maintenance agreement to match a customer’s needs and budget.

Trotter & Morton has grown to be one of the largest mechanical service companies in the northwest, with offices in Lacey, Longview and Seattle, Washington, and Eugene, Portland, and Salem, Oregon.

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Trotter & Morton Lacey
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“Being a Linc Contractor sets us apart in our markets as no other differentiators can do. By virtue of our Linc affiliation, we can positively say that we are unique – we are one of only a handful of all the contractors out there who were selected by Linc to carry their banner, and that sets us apart from 99% of our industry!” - David Ryan, Trotter & Morton Lacey