Grupo CEMCA, SRL Joins Linc Service as part of ABM Franchising Group

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Linc Service, an international network of more than 160 independent and company-owned mechanical contractors, announces that Grupo CEMCA, SRL signed an agreement to become a Linc Service franchise. Grupo CEMCA is a leading provider of mechanical contracting services in the Dominican Republic and the first and only Linc Service franchise to be located in the Dominican Republic.

Linc Service is a franchise brand of ABM Franchising Group, an operating unit of ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM). Linc Service helps advance franchisees’ businesses by providing expert training opportunities, innovative technology and operations solutions, a proven growth strategy and ongoing support. Generally only one out of every 100 contractors meets the criteria to become a Linc Service contractor; being part of this elite Linc Service network gives members the opportunity to learn from industry experts the problems clients face as well as the best-in-class methods, practices and technology needed to help clients stabilize their operating budgets, prolong the life of building assets, reduce energy waste and increase building efficiency.

“Being part of the Linc Service network provides us with a proven system to advance our maintenance service department to the highest level possible and provide even more value to customers. We look forward to improving our administration and technical processes with Linc Service’s partnership and support,” said Joel A. Perez Treviño, franchise owner of Grupo CEMCA.

Founded in 1976, Grupo CEMCA is dedicated to upgrading, installing and maintaining air conditioning systems for industrial, commercial and residential clients. Grupo CEMCA is one of the best performing carriers of HVAC and VRF equipment in the Caribbean, for which the company has received multiple awards for Outstanding Sales Performance and Best in Promoting New Technologies. The company recognizes that providing true customer value does not end after installing a new piece of equipment. That is why Grupo CEMCA focuses on professional maintenance services to ensure facility systems perform at top levels throughout their lifecycles, allowing businesses to benefit from reliable comfort systems while avoiding costly equipment failures and energy waste.

“We understand the unique struggles that Caribbean nations face, with some of the world’s highest energy prices as well as the need for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions. We are eager to help our first franchise in the Dominican Republic, Grupo CEMCA, achieve the same level of success that other Linc Service franchises in the Caribbean have achieved with our proven system to propel company development and uphold customer satisfaction,” said Bert Kendall, Chief Operating Officer of ABM Franchising Group.

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