OtisAir, Ltd. Receives Prestigious 2020 Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

OtisAir, Ltd., a leading provider of HVAC and mechanical services to the Cayman Islands, was named the 2020 Linc Service Contractor of the Year during ABM Franchising Group's 2021 Continuing Education Conference held January 19-22.

OtisAir became a Linc franchise in 2012 and has won Contractor of the Year five times, an achievement notably shared by ABM Franchising Group's 2020 TEGG Service Contractor of the Year, five-time winner Humphrey & Associates. OtisAir won their first Contractor of the Year award in their second year with Linc, and except for two years as a Linc Service Achieving Contractor Excellence (A.C.E.) Award Winners, OtisAir has won every year since.

The award is presented annually by ABM Franchising Group to Linc Service contractors that show outstanding organizational performance in the categories of activity growth, sales performance, gross and operating profit, maintenance base growth and implementation of the Linc system. In a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, OtisAir achieved impressive performance levels in multiple categories. 

"It's an honor to accept this award on behalf of a team that showed such passion to succeed and ability to think outside the box, especially in 2020," said Sean Hill, General Manager and Principal of OtisAir. "This year really showed the power of the Linc Service network. The franchisees helping each other with information and sharing ideas – what a great time to be a part of a network like this. When we came out of lockdown we continued to use the Linc Service tools and were able to assist our customers in new ways. This didn't happen by luck. It happened because every person involved in OtisAir cared about our customers – and each other."

OtisAir provides air conditioning and refrigeration solutions dedicated to cost-effective and energy efficient outcomes for commercial and residential customers, including proactive and preventative maintenance programs, equipment installation, and energy efficiency solutions.

"What an accomplishment, to win Contractor of the Year in 2020," said ABM Franchising Group Senior Vice President Bruce Phibbs. "They committed to the Linc system and they focused on building a great team, growing from five to twenty-seven highly skilled technicians in only nine years. When you focus on people, you build the kind of resilient team that meets a year like 2020 and keeps succeeding, keeps finding ways to help their clients and customers. When it comes to our annual awards, I'm always proud to recognize a great business, but this year I feel we're also awarding great community leadership."  

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